Locusmap is a computer package designed for rapid linkage analysis and map construction of loci with a variety of inheritance modes. The current version offers linkage analysis between codominant loci, between dominant loci, between codominant loci and dominant loci, and between codominant and sex-influenced, sex-linked, and imprinted loci. Using genotypic data supplied by the user, Locusmap calculates two-point recombination frequencies and LOD scores and then identifies linkage groups and orders loci within each linkage group automatically. Locusmap checks for genotypic and pedigree errors, and fills in missing genotypes when possible.

Publications using this software are expected to reference the citation given below.


Garbe, J. and Y. Da. (2003) Locusmap user manual Version 2.1. Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota.


Locusmap version 2.1 is available for download and trial use. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions of the software are currently available.


Locusmap is Copyright © 2004 The Regents of the University of Minnesota. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy, reproduce, or redistribute this software without permission.

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