GVCeasy is the graphical user interface for the GVCBLUP package.
Publications using this software are expected to reference the citation below.


Wang C, Prakapenka D, Wang S, Pulugurta S, Runesha HB, Da Y (2014) GVCBLUP: A computer package for genomic prediction and variance component estimation of additive and dominance effects. Bioinformatics 15:270.

Pulugurta, S., C. Wang, D. Prakapenka, H.B. Runesha, Y. Da. (2014) GVCeasy: The graphical interface for GVCBLUP. Version 1.3. Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota. https://animalgene.umn.edu


GVCeasy is available for download (1.2 MB, .zip). Please contact [email protected] for questions, comments and suggestions.

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