EPISNPmpi is a parallel computing program for epistasis testing in genome-wide association studies for supercomputers and commodity clusters.

Publications using this software are expected to reference the citation below.


Ma L., H.B. Runesha, D. Dvorkin, J.R. Garbe, and Y. Da. (2008) Parallel and serial computing tools for testing single-locus and epistatic SNP effects of quantitative traits in genome-wide association studies. BMC Bioinformatics 9:315. Article URL: www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/9/315.


EPISNPmpi is available for download for parallel computing platforms listed below. Please contact [email protected] for questions, comments and suggestions.

MPI Library Compiler Processor Size Binary
Voltaire MPI Intel Intel 788 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_Voltaire_intel_intel.tar.gz
Voltaire MPI Intel AMD 727 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_Voltaire intel_AMD.tar.gz
Voltaire MPI Intel Intel (EM64T) 789 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_Voltaire suse_EM64T.tar.gz
PathMPI Pathscale AMD 637 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_Pathscale_suse_AMD.tar.gz
IntelMPI Intel AMD 727 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_intelMPI_suse_AMD.tar.gz
OpenMPI Intel Intel (EM64T) 1.1 MB EPISNPmpi_2.0_OpenMPI_suse_EM64T.tar.gz
IBM MPI Intel Power4 150 kB EPISNPmpi_2.0_IBM_AIX_pwr.tar.gz
MPT Intel Itanium 5.78 MB EPISNPmpi_4.2.zip

User Manual

epiSNP Manual (PDF, version 4.2, 154 kB)

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