Software Tools for Animal Gene Mapping


is a computer package designed for rapid linkage analysis and map construction of loci with a variety of inheritance modes. Version 2.1, Aug 7 2013.

is the graphical user interface for the GVCBLUP package.
Version 1.3, 6/20/2014. GVCeasy.

is a computer package for genomic prediction and variance component estimation of additive and dominance effects using SNP markers. Version 3.9, 5/12/2014 (updated 7/14/2014).
Windows. Linux. Mac OS X . publication/presentation

is a software tool for the analysis of genome differences between populations. Version 1.4, 1/7/2014. Windows. Mac OS X.

is a graphic tool for SNP effect viewing and graphing of GWAS results. Version 3.2, 11/12/2012. Windows. Mac OS X.

is a parallel computing program for epistasis testing in genome-wide association studies for supercomputers and commodity clusters. Version 4.2, 9/16/2011.

is a computer package of serial computing programs for genome-wide testing of SNP epistasis and single-locus effects of complex or quantitative traits. Version 4.2, 9/16/2011. Updated 2/6/2012.


is a computer program for calculating statistical power and sample size for detecting QTL and candidate gene effects, including single-locus effects and pairwise epistasis effects. Version 1.0 is now available.

is a pedigree and genealogy visualization program designed to draw large, complex pedigrees with capability of calculating inbreeding and coancestry coefficients. Version 2.4 is now available.

is a program for calculating and minimizing inbreeding coefficients. Version 2.0 is now available.